Facials MicroZone Facial - $39 (30 minutes)
If you are tight on time, on a budget or in between full service facials try our Dermalogica Microzone facial. Zap problem areas in minutes with our quick 30 minute treatment that targets zone specific skin concerns to achieve rapid results. These treatments give all the pleasure of a longer facial because it gives your skin therapist the time to focus on a specific skin issue. You can pick from our menu or have your skin expert analyze your skin and recommend a treatment for you.

Poised Signature Facial - $79 (45 minutes)
The poised signature facial is uniquely designed to fit every skin type. Our highly skilled skin therapists will perform a full skin analysis by face mapping, after our Dermalogica double cleanse process. Based on your skin analysis they will choose a personalized combination of our products to treat your all your skin concerns and give you the best results. This 1 hour facial includes exfoliation, toner, facial massage (Swedish or acupressure), mask, a customized moisturizer and of course SPF. To top it all off our signature facial includes a massage of your choice: shoulder/neck, hand/arm, feet/calf or scalp. Relax while your skin experiences the most thorough and expertly given treatment like no other!

Microdermabrasion Facial - $95 (75 minutes), $65 (60 minutes)
At Poised we use diamond tip technology in our microdermabrasion treatment to provide a more intense exfoliation. This treatment helps with fine lines, refining pores, pigmentation, congestion and dull skin. This facial also includes cleansing, masque, massage (Swedish or pressure point), moisturizer and of course SPF to top it all off! Each session starts with a mini consultation before and after your treatment. This service is offered only at our Yaletown location.

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